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Friday Folder – November 27, 2020

November 27, 2020

Dear Dunham Families,

All of us here at Dunham hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving and were able to make some memories.  There will not be another Friday Folder before picture day so please review the picture day information below from last week’s Friday Folder.  Also, we recognized there might be a variety of reasons why a student may not come to picture day.  Please be assured that we will do outreach for photos for the yearbook for those students that are unable to attend next week’s picture day.

On November 19, a survey link was texted and emailed out to parents.  It is a short four question survey.  Many families have already completed the survey and we thank you for participating.  If you have not yet had the chance to please do so, the information is very helpful with regards to planning.  

Back by popular demand is our PTO Popcorn Fundraiser just in time for the holidays.  Please see the information below for details.

Take care,

Daniel Hoffman

Superintendent / Principal


Picture Day Information

Picture Day will be on December 4th!  It will be a drive through style with pictures being taken in the Community Room.  Time slots are scheduled alphabetically according to the first three letters of your student’s last name.  Families that have multiple students with different last names may bring all of your students to one time slot.

1:00pm: Ada to Bon 

1:15pm: Bur to Coo 

1:30pm: Cro to Don 

1:45pm: Eis to Gar 

2:00pm: Gom to Hud 

2:15pm: Irt to Mar 

2:30pm: McC to Myl 

2:45pm: Nal to Pri 

3:00pm: Ran to San 

3:15pm: Sas to Swa 

3:30pm: Tes to Wil 

3:45pm: Wof to You

Please remember, this is a drive through approach.  Regardless of your comfort level with COVID-19, we are trying to keep everyone safe by offering a safe environment for all.  Students will be dropped off by the front office and will head to the Community Room entrance.  After students have taken their picture they will exit out the double doors located under the bell on the Roblar side of the Community Room. 

Once you drop-off in front of the office you can pull your vehicle to the traditional parent pick-up spot where your child will be exiting.  It is not intended for adults to get out of the car, please stay in your vehicles.  We will have staff directing students to the proper door.  Face masks will need to be worn by all students coming onto campus for pictures, no mask means no picture.  Once it is a student’s turn to get in front of the camera the mask may be removed for the picture.  Order form information is attached below.


PTO – Popcorn Fundraiser

Hi Dunham Families, the October popcorn sale was such a big hit, with popular demand, we decided to try it again! We are doing a quick flash sale as there isn’t much time before Winter Break. There are a few flavor changes, but the process will be the same. Please have all orders to the office with payment OR email (dunhamptotreasurer@gmail.com) with Venmo (marienjoe08) by 12/9/20. The popcorn will be ready for the Wed December 16th materials drop-off / pick-up.

Please contact Marie @ dunhamptotreasurer@gmail.com with any questions.


5th & 6th Grade See’s Candy Fundraiser

The 5th and 6th grade classes are coordinating the annual See’s Candy fundraiser.  Please check your materials from the Wednesday pickup for the order form.  All orders must be received on the 12/2 drop-off and candy will be distributed at the 12/16 pickup.


PTO – Birthday Marquee

PTO is ready to start the birthday marquee for the year! If you would like your child’s name up on the school marquee during their birthday week, please return the completed form and a $10 donation to the office. Contact Marie at Dunhamptotreasurer@gmail.com with any questions. Please see the attached flyer below.


            PTO – Create and Donate Fundraiser                       

Are you looking for that fun and super easy art project? Maybe a great homemade gift to give over the holidays? Join us for our Create and Donate Fun-Raiser. For $30 each, you’ll receive a wooden sign, the paint color of your choice, and a vinyl sticker with a saying on it. Please see the fliers below, confirm which saying(s) you want and select your paint color. The school receives A minimum 40% back, and we get back more with more signs that sell! These make great gifts or add that little bit of personal flare to your home or office. These are fun and so simple, even the young kids can do it! We will be hosting a zoom meeting so we can all make signs together with some help and guidance, or you can reach out for instructions and do it on your own. Hope to see you there!

Important update about this event: 

Due to the extremely low numbers of orders, we will be extending the deadline to order until Wednesday December 2nd. The new event date will be Saturday December 5th. Please read all the fliers for all the information. Feel free to reach out if you have any questions. Thank you for understanding.

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