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Friday Folder – October 30, 2020

October 30, 2020

Dear Dunham Families,

I hope all of you are doing well.  I look forward to the day when we can enjoy a Dunham School Halloween together.  Between the fire evacuations last school year and the pandemic this school year, I have not yet had the opportunity to experience a traditional Dunham School Halloween. We had a wonderful turn out for our pumpkin carving and decorating contest.  All of our pumpkin artists did a fantastic job and I thank you for sharing your pictures with us so we could all enjoy them. Our judges, the School Board, have voted and the following three pumpkins/students have been awarded 1st, 2nd and 3rd place.

1st Place: Connor Wood

2nd Place Joshua Sibley

3rd Place: BaileyAnne Marshall

You can check out their great work as well as all the other fabulous jack-o-lanterns on our school Facebook page.

We are hoping to make a slideshow of our students’ Halloween costumes so their schoolmates can see them.  Whether you are dressing up today and tomorrow or just tomorrow, either is fine.  Just take a picture and send it to mvasquez@dunhamsd.k12.ca.us.  We will share the slideshow early next week.

The 1st trimester comes to an end on November 6 which means parent / teacher conferences are right around the corner.  Teachers have been and will be sending out more information about setting up parent / teacher conferences.  I would highly encourage everyone to make sure you attend your student(s) conference.  It serves as a great opportunity for the school and home to communicate and collaborate about helping our kids. 

During the month of November we have two Wednesdays that there is no school (November 11 & 25).  This means that on November 4 & 18 the material pick-ups and drop-offs will be for two weeks.

Below are announcements about the Create and Donate Fundraiser, the Book Fair and  information from the Petaluma People Service Center about community resources for childcare and rent support during the pandemic. Be sure to check these things out.

Take care,

Daniel Hoffman

Superintendent / Principal

PTO – Create and Donate Fun-Raiser

Are you looking for that fun and super easy art project? Maybe a great homemade gift to give over the holidays? Join us for our Create and Donate Fun-Raiser. For $30 each, you’ll receive a wooden sign, the paint color of your choice, and a vinyl sticker with a saying on it. Please see the fliers below, confirm which saying(s) you want and select your paint color. The school receives A minimum 40% back, and we get back more with more signs that sell! These make great gifts or add that little bit of personal flare to your home or office. These are fun and so simple, even the young kids can do it! We will be hosting a zoom meeting on Sunday Nov. 15th so we can all make signs together with some help and guidance, or you can reach out for instructions and do it on your own. Hope to see you there!

PTO – Book Fair!!!

We are thrilled to announce that we are going to be partnering with Copperfield’s Books to provide an Online Book Fair fundraiser for our school!  This is a fabulous opportunity for us to support a local business, while also raising money for much needed resources to help us better support our students and families.  Everything you need to know is attached below.

Click to view: Create and Donate Flyer

Click to view: Create and Donate Information Page

Click to view: Create and Donate Zoom Link

Click to view: Create and Donate Form

Click to view: Create and Donate Inventory Snippets

Click to view: Create and Donate Paint Colors

Click to view: Petaluma People Services Center Program Information Video

Click to view: Petaluma COVID-19 Resources for Families (English)

Click to view: Petaluma COVID-19 Resources for Families (Spanish)

Click to view: Book Fair Flyer

Click to view: Book Fair Parent Letter

Click to view: Book Fair Wish List

Click to view: Book Fair FAQ’s