5th Grade Teacher

Ms. Gretchen Schmidt

 Fifth graders are at a special age; they aren’t quite teens, yet they’re beginning to crave independence and have a pretty good sense of humor.  They no longer take everything you say literally, and with prodding, get sarcasm.  They still love to be read to and can spend hours singing silly tunes. In other words, they top the list for my choice of the perfect age group to teach.

 I live in the beautiful town of Sonoma with my husband, Jonathan, and our wonder dog, Lulu.  I have two grown children who live in the area—Kyle, who shares my love of music and plays guitar so much better than I ever taught him, and Becky, who shares my love of jewelry making and creates beautiful pieces she sells locally. My parents and three of my siblings are also close by. 

When I am not at school or visiting some member of my tribe, you can see me whizzing way too fast (according to my husband and my mother) down Trinity Road or other infamous cycling climb.  Contrary to popular belief, my feet do click out of my pedals once in a while to take a hike up a local hill or even to scale Cloud’s Rest in Yosemite. They are firmly planted on the ground when I’m passing seeds, seedlings, advice, and the fruits of my efforts over the back fence to a kindred plant lover. And they are propped up and sitting pretty while I’m in my safe, quiet place, reading a good book—hopefully, one that makes me laugh, or sometimes, even cry.

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Special Insructions:

This year we are asking every student to come to school with some basic supplies that they will use in their class.The list below is unique for your 5th Grader.     

Many stores are having great sales for school supplies right now and, while it is not mandatory that you purchase these items, we hope that you will keep this list handy as you do your back-to-school shopping.

Also, if your family is in the position to purchase a second set for another student in your child’s class, we would very much appreciate your help.  

 Thank you!!

5th Grade Supplies needed:

  •    ❏ 1 – Pencil Box or Pouch
    ❏ 1- Dozen #2 Pencils
    ❏ 1 – Package Wide Ruled Binder Paper
    ❏ 1 – 12-inch Ruler with both inches and centimeters
    ❏ 2 – UHU Glue Sticks (.74 ounce size)
    ❏ 2 – Highlighters
    ❏ 1- Pocket sized Calculator
    ❏ 1 – Refillable water bottle
    ❏ 8 - Dry Erase Board Markers
    ❏ 1 - Headphones or Earbuds

See you on Wednesday, August 16th

Download the 5th Grade Supply List