PE Teacher

Ms. Jane Campbell

I am Jane Campbell, the Physical Education  teacher. I earned my BA and teaching credentials from the University of the Pacific. I grew up in Berkeley (Go Bears!), and I have three grown children. I enjoy my daily walks with my dog, swimming, kayaking, and traveling with my new husband, Patrick.

I have been teaching since 1982, mostly in physical education and adaptive Phys. Ed., but I have also job shared a third grade class for two years and I taught seventh grade science for four years. I teach swimming every summer and have been doing so for almost forty years. (Yes, I was really young when I started!)

My PE program wraps exciting games, fun activities, and skill building lessons around units of Soccer, Football, Basketball, Volleyball, Tennis, and Baseball. I also teach fun playground activities such as tetherball, handball, four square, and spud. The younger students will also receive a unit on Gymnastics. In the Spring, the fifth and sixth grade classes focus on preparing for the West Side Relays, a track and field day hosted by Petaluma High School. The fifth grade state testing will also take place in the Spring.

The students have also been learning the bones and muscles of the body and how to find their pulse to their count the heart rate. During the year the students will be given different information about their heart, fitness, and nutrition.

If you happen to come into the community room, you will see a PE bulletin board. It has some of the things that the students are learning. There is a skeleton and a body showing names of the bones, and muscles. I have photos going up of sports, and fitness activities that Dunham students do outside of school. Feel free to give me a picture of your child doing a sport. I would also like to put up any newspaper clippings of your child in sports, or about your child's team.

For your children's safety, please have them wear athletic shoes, and the girls should have their hair tied back (I have seen too many crashes, because of hair blowing in their eyes).

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to send along a send a message along with your child.



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