2nd Grade Teacher  

Mrs. Nicole Whitehorn

 I was raised in Petaluma, so my roots here grow deep and wide! I am so thankful to have taught in this community for many years.  After receiving my multiple subject teaching credential from Sonoma State in 1996, I taught third and fourth grades and primary music.  I am thrilled to be teaching second grade at Dunham Elementary School!  My second graders and I have a lot in common.  We have a great enthusiasm for learning, and a belief that magic and adventure can happen in the classroom everyday!  

In my spare time I enjoy reading, yoga, and attending my kids’ theater and sporting events.  My family and I love to hike, and take frequent trips to the beach and river.  We feel very fortunate to live in a beautiful area where we spend cherished time with family and friends.

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Special Instructions:

This year we are asking every student to come to school with some basic supplies that they will use in their class. We will be placing the supplies in class baskets to be shared by all, so no names, please. (Except for folders & pencil boxes)

The list below is unique for your 2nd Grader.    

Many stores are having great sales for school supplies right now and, while it is not mandatory that you purchase these items, we hope that you will keep this list handy as you do your back-to-school shopping.

Also, if your family is in the position to purchase a second set for another student in your child’s class, we would very much appreciate your help. 

Thank you!!

2nd Grade Supplies needed: 

❏ 2 -Pocket Portfolios (folders) with any design your child likes (these are
the most important of all supplies. 1 folder is a “ take-home folder” and
one is a “homework” folder .)
❏ 1 – Pencil Box (this is very important , as we will use it for math supplies)
❏ 2 – Fine-Point Sharpie markers – (Black)
❏ 1 – 8 color set of Markers (Classic colors)
❏ 1 - Box of 16 Color set of Crayons
❏ 1 – set of watercolor paints
❏ 3 – Boxes of tissues
❏ 1 - Box of Band-Aids
❏ 1- Spiral bound notebook/composition book
❏ 1 - Headphones or Earbuds

 See you on Wednesday, August 16th

Download the 2nd Grade Supply List