Kindergarten Teacher

Ms. Caryn Fisher

In my spare time I love to travel, and my trusty backpack and I have been to 20 countries over the years; I'm always planning and looking forward to my next trip. Reading, cooking, learning to play the guitar and working on my old house are also hobbies I enjoy.

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Special Instructions:

The list below is unique for your Kindergarten student.     

Many stores are having great sales for school supplies right now and, while it is not mandatory that you purchase these items, we hope that you will keep this list handy as you do your back-to-school shopping.

Also, if your family is in the position to purchase a second set for another student in your child’s class, we would very much appreciate your help.  

Thank you!!

Kindergarten Supplies needed:

  •      1- Box of Kleenex
  •      2 -Container Greenworks Clorox Wipes
  •      1 - box baby wipes
  •      1 – set watercolor paint (8 count)
  •      black whiteboard markers, low odor(dry erase)
  •      2 – Glue sticks (.74 ounce size)
  •      2 - HW folders, your choice of color/style

See you on Wednesday, August 16th

Download the Kindergarten Supply List