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 Dunham is pleased to offer an after-school day care program. We are committed to providing our families a safe environment for the after school hours.

Our goal is to create a casual and yet structured program, which allows children the needed time to work on their homework, as well as enjoy some physical activity after the school day.

 Dunham Daycare is open from 11:45 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. during the school year. There is no program available for teacher staff development days throughout the year, holidays, nor during school vacations. The program is offered for both regular and drop-in care.

 Registration packets will be sent home to anyone that is interested in using Club Dunham for their children. You may call the office and we will be happy to send a packet home in your child's Friday Folder or have one mailed to you. Registration packets will be available in the school office throughout the year. In order for daycare to have current and accessible information, we require that all families complete the registration packet each year. The emergency card, which includes who you have authorized to pick up your child, is the most important piece of information and we would like to have this the first day that your child stays in daycare.

Snacks are NOT provided for students in the after-school daycare program. Please be sure that you send enough food with your child each day that they will stay after school. Kindergarten students using Dunham Daycare must bring their own lunch and snacks. They may purchase a lunch through the school lunch program.

Daycare bills are due within 30 days of the billing date. Please refer to our daycare handout for more infromation.  

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Direct Line to the Daycare Room: (707) 792-5314