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Dunham Daycare

Dunham Daycare

Dunham school is happy to offer after school supervision and 30 minutes of homework support to our Dunham students as well as a variety of art, cooking and outdoor activities.

Hours Are Monday-Friday 11:45-6:00 PM

We follow the school schedule and are closed on all school holidays and teacher work days.  In order for your child to attend you need to register your child  register online by clicking on the Myprocare button:


Hourly Rate, Fees and Extra Charges

One time registration fee:

  • $40 for first child
  • $35 for each sibling

Hourly rate is $5.00 per hour
Sibling is $4.50 per hour

Late child pick up is $5 per minute, each minute after 6:05 PM

Homework Support

Your child will have the opportunity to work with staff in the library for the first half hour. Staff is available to assist students but students need ultimately be responsible for the quality of their work and completing it.

Special After-School Programs

Tennis, Drama, Piano, Ukulele, & ATA Martial Arts, etc. Are available for students to sign up (additional cost depending on program). There is no charge for childcare while they are in program and they may come to child care. You must fill out a registration form and turn it in to the office.

Student Behavior

Students are expected to demonstrate the same high level of respect and cooperation that is expected during the school day at Dunham.  If your student is not meeting the behavioral expectations, the same consequences will be implemented.

  1. Conference with the students
  2. Note home to parents
  3. Phone call to parents
  4. Immediate pick up by parent
  5. Exclusion from the aftercare for a period of time


“Play is the work of children”   Maria Montessori